Ascot's Father x CHAPAL Launch New Collection

Ascot's Father x CHAPAL Launch New Collection

The two Maisons have unveiled a capsule collection to shake up some of CHAPAL's iconic pieces.

The collaboration enhances the spirit of CHAPAL's USAAF jacket, embellished with silk linings created by Ascot’s Father. This innovation, reminiscent of CHAPAL's Brooklyn past in the 1880s, highlights the excellence of Terrance Cook's artistic style, combined with Jean-François Bardinon's own French savoir-faire.

While CHAPAL boasts a heritage dating back to 1832, and is renowned for making some of the finest leather goods in the world, Ascot’s Father is an emerging company that specializes in creating designs on silk. The brand stands out for its expertise and creativity in silk scarves and chokers with original designs. Elegance and craftsmanship are the dominant points that unite the two brands.

The collection features three themes created by Terrance Cook, inspired by the automobile, aviation and equestrian sports. In this collection, Cook’s designs combine whimsical emotions with a tribute to craftsmanship. He reinterprets the mechanics of vintage car engines, celebrates speed through pilot goggles, and sketches the precise details of horse riding.

These precious silk linings enhance not only the Maison's jackets, but also travel bags, driver helmets and other accessories. Each creation reflects the exacting skills of the two designers. If luxury is in the details, this is it.

Each design is printed on 36 oz silk twill derived from the English Maison Adamley, who is renowned for their traditional ink screen printing method. Based in Macclesfield in Cheshire, the birthplace of silk since the 1700s, this supplier to the royal family has its own silkworm farms near Mongolia, where crops are grown using sustainable methods and quality is controlled.

By combining their expertise, the two artistic directors are continuing to defend savoir-faire and promote the quality of authentic craftsmanship to create exceptional products.

Jean-François Bardinon and Terrance Cook will be presented the exclusive collaboration at Pitti Uomo 106 in Florence, Italy. The collection will be available in September 2024.

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